Lindén International AB is a merger of three companies: Lindén International AB, Motala Metalltryckning AB and AB Mekanoverken's household division.



In 1932 Filip Lindén invested 1000 SEK and bought a house in Lanna, a small village in the middle of Småland. Into the bargain he received some timber and started production of wooden pastry brushes. He filled a box with brushes and went by motor-bike to Stockholm to show the purchase manager at Åhlén & Holm and KF. He received an order and Filip went into business.


In the 60's Filip started production of the classic carpet-sweeper Amanda which was a success at the market.

In the year of 1984 Filip's son Tom took over the company and started Lindén International AB. In 1987 the bag clip twixit! was introduced. The clip has become one of our largest best-sellers. 



In 1947 two brothers left their employments at Motala Verkstad to start out Gustavssons Metalltryckning. The production was aimed at stainless steel bowls and measuring jugs. As time went on the production was enlarged and in 1964 John Svensson took over the company. When Lindén International acquired the company in 1998 it was the market leader in Sweden and yet today the company takes the lead.


When Oscar Lundin went on strike in 1945 he started the company Mekanoverken together with his son-in-law Sune Sjöberg. During the first years they worked on commission basis but gradually production of own products was launched. In 1953 the Jonas peeler in stainless steel was introduced. A product which has become a real classic and "best-in-test" over and over again. Mekanoverken became a sub-supplier of both Volvo and SAAB and in 1998 their household division was sold to Lindén International AB.

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